Create surround sound with Connect thru HiFi amp to speakers?

  • 26 February 2017
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I have a PlayBar and 2 Play1s and have set up surround for films, but taking it down to use the Play1s elsewhere for music seems to take ages. So instead of ditching my old Warfdales, I'd like to use my Connect through the hifi to the old speakers. I already do this ok just as part of my Sonos network for music. The Connect talks to my router by ethernet and uses tape in/out on the hifi amp. I also have to use a Boost, but I doubt that's relevant here. Is this likely to work? Do I need a special set-up procedure as is apparently required if using a Connect:Amp?

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3 replies

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I'm open to being corrected, but I don't think what you want to do with the connect can be done.

This article below outlines the options as a matched pair of Play 1s, 3s, 5s (gen 2) or a Connect:AMP. The connect isn't mentioned.

The physical ethernet wiring required from the PlayBar to the Connect:AMP (can go through a router or direct) is because the Connect:AMP doesn't have a 5Ghz radio which is what the PlayBar uses to send the surround audio to the wireless speakers in order to support the audio playing in sync for TV audio.
The Connect cannot be used with the Playbar for surround sound.
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You could have a Connect:Amp, wire its network connection to your Playbar, and use that for the rear speakers... but it's not possible to use a Connect + HiFi receiver as rear speakers with a Playbar. The fact that the Connect:Amp has its own amplifier is the reason why you can use it but not a Connect.