Controlling Sonos Beam volume with Apple TV remote

  • 15 June 2018
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I currently use only an Apple TV 4th gen to watch television. This means I use the ATV remote to change the volume of my built in television speakers with IR. I plan on adding a Sonos Beam to this set up. Will I be able to control the volume of the Sonos Beam with the ATV remote?

Best answer by JimmyT_Sonos 18 June 2018, 18:59

You can with the Playbase, so I would assume you can as well with the Beam.
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5 replies

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You can with the Playbase, so I would assume you can as well with the Beam.
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Yes the Beam can be taught to respond to third party IR remotes, it’s in TV settings under room settings.
We have an Apple TV running on a Sony Bravia (Android) TV. With that setup.
Apple TV in HDMI 2
Sonos Beam in HDMI/ARC 3
We never taught ours, it just knew... 😳 We can cover the Apple TV IR and it still works. Magic in the HDMI maybe?
Yes, you can do this with an AppleTV remote! I have an old Panasonic TV in the bedroom and had the AppleTV remote set to control the TV volume via IR. When I connected the Beam to the TV via Toslink using the HDMI adapter (because my TV is so old it doesn't have HDMI ARC), the app prompted prompted me to use my TV remote to "program" the Beam for volume Up/Down. This worked flawlessly. I can now adjust volume of Beam (and the Play:1 surrounds) with either the DirecTV or AppleTV remote volume buttons like a baws.
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It does work but the only indication of volume change is hearing it. No slider or anything that I can see.