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  • 25 July 2022
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Hi, I am hoping someone can help.

We have recently purchased the Sonos Ray sound bar and we have only just realised that the optical on our television doesn't work.  

We have a spare HDMI port on our television,  is there any other way of connecting the sound bar to my television without using the optical port? 

Our TV is a smart TV with WiFi if that makes any difference.  

Thank you. 

2 replies

Hi.  The fact that it is smart and can connect by Wifi is not relevant here.  

You will need your TV to have an HDMI-ARC output, not just HDMI.  Unless it is an old TV it should have that.  I think you could then use a converter like the one linked below.

I have never done this and cannot guarantee it will work.

Another possibility would be to run the optical cable from a satellite or cable box, but that depends on how you source your content.

Further thought - are you sure the optical cable is fully seated at both ends?  And you have removed the little plastic caps that optical cables often come with?