Connect Sonos to Denon AV receiver

  • 15 January 2018
  • 7 replies

Can i add my home theater speakers attached to my Denon X3400H av receiver to my sonos network, there is a spare digital audio socket (says CD) on receiver, if i connect to this will i be able to control streaming from my sonos app to speakers connected to AV receiver?

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7 replies

You need a Sonos Connect wired to the receiver input sockets to do this.
Thanks Kumar, I do have a Sonos connect and also a Sonos connect amp, so would it work connecting the ‘connect’ to the receivers digital audio socket?
Yes, you can use either the analog or digital outputs of the Connect wired with the appropriate cable to the respective sockets on the Denon. The Connect Amp cannot be thus used.
Thanks that’s great I appreciate your help ??
Connection to Denon Reciever works, but be sure Denon input(e.g. CD) is assigned and setup to Analog. My Denon av-x 3300w remote was complicated to get to right option. Had to contact Denon to walk me thru setup.
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That's how I have it for all my music streaming. I was wondering if anyone was able to do the opposite? that is to connect any output from the receiver into a Sonos device (Beam, 5, amp, connect) without delays? why? so I can take my hdmi audios (TV sound) to other rooms with Sonos.
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I haven't tried this but it would be worth looking at, send your audio to the connect from the Rx and then select the Connect output to play from, that puts all the audio through the Sonos system and should give equal delays.

If the Rx has an internal delay switching to direct/pure with no signal processing usually minimizes it.

Won't fix the lip-sync issues though.