Connect sonos beam and AVR receiver (denon AVR-s760H)

  • 7 December 2022
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I just bought a sonos beam gen 2 and a denon avr-S760H receiver. How do I connect my Tv (TCL) and blue ray player (SONY)  to use both of them?  The only speaker I want to use is the Beam.


Should I plug in the AVR to the TV’s hdmi-arc but then how do I connect the Beam? Do I connect Beam directly  with the TV’s optical audio output? Or I connect the Beam  with the receiver’s somehow?



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5 replies

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What is the purpose of the Denon receiver?

Connect the Beam to the TV’s HDMI ARC port. Connect the Blu-ray player and Denon to any of the TV’s other HDMI ports.

I was thinking the denon would be used as a switch between various input  devices connected to it and direct their audio to the soundbar. 

With your suggested setup would the AM-FM radio of the receiver be heard on the soundbar?  How about other devices connected to the denon?


The denon has an input for blueray player so I am assuming if I connect the blueray player to it, it could send video to the TV and audio to the soundbar.  Is that correct?


Full disclosure: I’m not a DENON user. In general A’V receivers cannot route analog audio (AM/FM) to an HDMI-ARC port. With respect to Radio, most stations have Internet streams that SONOS can access, however, the stations do not usually stream major league sports events over the Internet.

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Your proposed set up is unsupported. Sonos expects the TV to be the switch for all your HDMI connected devices. You could use a real (ARC enabled) switch if your TV does not provide enough connections.

Two observations:

  1. using a receiver as a switch for me is a waste of a good receiver (and electricity);
  2. the ARC on the Amp is expecting an “in” sound stream, while you want to use it as an “out” to the Beam - not sure this will work.

In many cases a cheap A/V receiver used as an input switch is less expensive than a fully capable HDMI switch -- go figure.