Connect PLAYBAR with existing receiver??

  • 28 December 2017
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I just got a PLAYBAR for Christmas and am trying to figure out if I can use it with my current system. I currently have a Denon receiver connected to 2 Def Techs towers (front L and R) and a Def Tech Center channel. I also have two ceiling speakers connected as well. Lastly I have a connect hooked up so I have it all on Sonos.

Will the PLAYBAR work with this setup or so i basically have to scrap the system and then get a connect amp and run the rear ceilings so i have surround sound?

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4 replies

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Does your receiver have an optical out? The Playbar isn't really designed to work in conjunction with a traditional receiver setup. The Playbar itself is designed to be your center, left and right channels. So using that with existing left and rights may be a little weird sounding. There's no way to set it up as just a center, either.
Not only does it provide the front three channels it provides the amplification for those speakers. That is what makes the AV receiver redundant (except, possibly, as a dumb switch to attach external devices, if the receiver has an optical out - but that really isn't how the Playbar was intended to operate).

You should be aware of the special requirements if using a Connect:Amp as surrounds.
Thanks gents. So sounds like I have two options. (1) plug my PLAYBAR into TV and use it when watching TV and listening to music if I choose, leaving the receiver and 5 speakers connected and use for movies / music or (2) remove the reviewer and two front towers and center speaker and hook up a connect amp to run the ceiling speakers and connect the connect amp to the soundbar with a CAT 5/6 ?
Yes that seems about right. I think my question would be 'why the Playbar?' I know it was a present, but if you are happy with the existing 5.1 system why not keep it for all video applications, and get a stereo pair of Play:5s for music. IMO they are significantly better for music than a Playbar.