Connect amp and playbar tv audio

Hi experts, help!

I've managed to add my connect amp as a rear left and right channel for the playbar surround sound, both wired via a switch. Tv optical out goes to then playbar but I can't get it to play via the rears, whilst music is fine.

Does anyone know how to fix - thanks!

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Hi. What sources have you tried to play? If the source doesn't have rear surround channels encoded, there is nothing for the surrounds to play.
Ah. I'm running an optical out from a samsung ue60ks7000 straight to the playbar - will that work?

Thanks for help, I'm an idiot at this stuff 😃
For much broadcast content there's little if any ambient information which can be sent to the surround channels. Unless the channel delivers 5.1, PLAYBAR must synthesise surround channels from the stereo mix. Spoken word content frequently produces nothing from the surrounds.

Test the setup with a true 5.1 source.
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I am looking to have a 5.1 system, I have a playbar and sub which connect:amp do I need to buy the the zp100 or the zp120, so I can put my existing speakers as rear 5.1 system. I am confused with the different of the two amps (sorry)

ZP100 was long ago withdrawn. If you want to drive existing passive speakers as surrounds you'll need a CONNECT:AMP.

Note the requirement for the system to be in 'BOOST Setup', and for there to be a wired network path between the PLAYBAR and CONNECT:AMP. This is because CONNECT:AMP doesn't support the 5GHz required for wireless operation in a 5.1 setup.
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Just in case you are not aware of it: I'd make sure you note Ratty's comment "if you want to drive existing passive speakers..."

If you don't have existing speakers, you can utilize a matching set of Play 1s, 3s, or Gen2 Play5s, wirelessly without the need for the physical wired connection needed by the Connect:Amp.
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Hi both,

Thank you for the info 🙂 I think it would be cheaper to buy 2 play 1's 🙂
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It may be... and depending on the space you want to utilize the surrounds for, the Play1s can be more than sufficient (IMHO).

I find the Play1s I use to be perfect, they add nicely to the spaces audio when playing music and are small enough to not take any significant space in the room. They connect wirelessly to the PlayBar/PlayBase on a 5Ghz wifi network for TV audio.
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Thank you sir 🙂
For the faff that seems better (play 1s)!!

Does anyone have any idea how I can amp tv sound without using a hifi amp?