Compatability of Playbar with Pioneer Elite

  • 28 December 2013
  • 11 replies

I can't get the Playbar to work with my digital audio out on my Pioneer Elite, PRO-1140HD. Any suggestions?

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11 replies

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Hi Tom, 

when the optical cable is connected to your TV and the TV is on, do you see a red signal on the end of the cable that would plug into the PLAYBAR? 

During the initial setup, did the PLAYBAR detect your TV's sound? 


Daniel H. 
Thanks Daniel, however, I found out through searching that when the HDMI inputs are used on the Pioneer Elite, the digital audio output will not work.  Not sure why that would be, I would have to run coaxial cable (sacrifice picture quality) for that to be enabled. 

I ordered a D.A.O. splitter, to send DVD, and cable to the playbar.  That should work?

Thanks, TS
Can Sonos please explain what a DAO splitter is, and how it can make the Soundbar work with TVs that are "not compatible" with Sonos. 
Sonos has a responsibility to say that it doesn't work with all TVs BEFORE YOU BUY IT.  It would have saved a ridiculous waste of time and effort and disappointment at Christmas time. Tell that to your family.
The D.A.O. stands for Digital Audio Outlet.  Sonos supplies the fiber optic cable with the sound bar.  If your TV does not have this outlet, you can use your cable TV converter as most new ones have this outlet.  I am using the splitter to run my blue ray and converter box into one output.  You can get a switching, or self switching one, and is easily available on Amazon.  Try it out before you return, it should work well.  I had mine re-packed and back at the store until I found out!
Thank you! I hope it works. So it the part called a Digital Audio Outlet splitter? Are there several to choose from? My TV has DAO and it works with the Soundbar, but I cannot hook up sound with a Roku or Xbox. No sound at all. I don't even care if it's 5.1, I would be happy with just sound at this point.
check this site out for some examples:
check this site out for some examples:

Not sure if the Xbox or Roku have the digital outputs?
check this site out for some examples:

No digital outlets. Thanks for the link to Amazon - which switch is best?
check this site out for some examples:

No digital outputs on Roku, I meant.
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I use the J-Tech Digital Premium HDMI to HDMI + SPDIF/RCA Stereo Extractor for this purpose and it works great for me! I set it up in-between my HDMI switch and the TV/Playbar (e.g. sound travels as so:  Source > HDMI Switch > HDMI Audio Splitter > PlayBar).
I know this is an older thread, but I have been holding onto my pioneer elite pro-920hd plasma until it dies bc its still the best picture i've ever owned. That said, I have recently purchased the sonos playbar and can't get sound when i run the digital optical cable from the playbar into the tv's optical audio output. I'm told that the tv is incompatible with the playbar, and it was suggested i get one of these two switches:

I am just curious if anyone knows which is better and/or if there is a superior option?

Also, how would i hook this up?

One option that was also suggested is that I run the optical cable right into my cable settop box. That's fine, but then how would I get sound on my apple tv?

Thanks for any help/feedback.