Combine: 2 Play:5's as frond surround speakers icw Playbase & 2 Play:5's as stereo using line-in

I'm using a 2x Play:5 setup in my living room. This is using for listening to cd music via line-in one the left and tv-audio via line-in on the right Play:5. This setup allows me to listen to Spotify, cd music and tv via the same setup.

I would like to extend the tv setup with a Playbase where the Play:5 would be used as surround speakers. I would not use the Playbase for listing to spotify or cd-music, this would have to stay on the Play:5's

It is possible to create this setup?

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I am not sure if you are asking if this is currently possible or requesting it as a future development. It is not currently possible.
Thanks John - If this is possible, I will buy a Playbase.

This would be for me the perfect combination of great audio and great tv surround sound. Doesn't this setup make sense as a very logical setup?

But you say it is not possible. Why not? I already have 2 Play:5 with both line-in's use. What happens if I add the Playbase?
The Playbase handles the front three channels. The software simply doesn't do what you are requesting
Thanks - so if I would create this setup: 1 Playbase and 2 Play:5, the 2 back surround audio would actually come from the front? Would my line-in still work ok for the Play5?
Do you mean could you position the rear speakers at the front? You could, but goodness knows why you would do so.

When speakers are bonded as surrounds the line in is disabled
Sdekker - can you suggest a good line out CD player? Very hard to find
Sdekker - can you suggest a good line out CD player? Very hard to find
Any good cd player should be ok - do you have problems with line out?
i thought they had to have a special line out - what model do you use?
The Sony DVP-S7700. See
Thanks - that's top end! You wouldnt know of a portable one that would do the job?
A cheap DVD player - USD 100 or less - may be easier to find. If that has the necessary line out, and most do, it will do the job just as well.