Clarification on Samsung KS8500 and Playbar

  • 2 October 2016
  • 1 reply

Hello all. I am looking to purchase a Sonos Playbar and make it a full 5.1 system for my home audio.

However, I keep reading things about the Playbar not working well with Samsung TVs. Can someone please clarify if the Playbar works properly with a Samsung KS8500 or KS8000 Tv please?

I really don't want to drop a heap of cash on something and find out later it doesn't properly work.

Thanks for any answers 🙂

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1 reply

Last week I bought KS8000 and hooked up with my Sonos system (1 play bar, 2 play 1's for 5.1 system).

The TV is capable of passing Dolby digital via optical cable ( But I think it depends on the source of the sound. I have only tried playing content through the Hulu (build in app) and I am NOT getting Dolby digital 5.1, I get Dolby digital 2.0 which is stereo.

I am going to try Netflix which is another built in application but does have movies / shows with 5.1 sound. One thing I want to say is the TV itself is amazing and it would be perfect if i can figure the surround sound issue. Here is another thread that I have posted my issue on :-