Can we expect full stereo over surround?

  • 26 March 2021
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Hi guys, sorry for the medium long read and probably lack of correct terminology..


Since the coronavirus pandemic started a lot of (live) music is being streamed over various channels. When I stream this to my TV I obviously do this to enjoy the music, along with the visuals provided. My 5.1 set then only pushes the sound via the beam, with only certain frequencies or sounds popping up from the back speakers. While actually playing music from a streaming service like Spotify, the sound is sublime, but when listening to music from a video or tv this way, it’s quite disappointing. I know there are more topics addressing the same technical issue, with a logic explanation that when you watch ‘tv’ it’s not needed to have full stereo when the tv decoder or whatever is used also distributes 5.1, which makes sense. But the need from me as a user, and maybe others has changed over the past year; looking for great sound when streaming live or recorders music content from whatever source. 

I would really enjoy my Sonos set a lot more if this way of streaming would be supported in this way. 

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1 reply

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So basically, while in TV Mode, you want to be able to set the surround speakers to act as a stereo pair when watching or listening to stereo 2.0 content, and then be able to switch them back to surround mode when watching or listening to 5.1 content, correct?