Can't hear any evidence of side or up speakers while Atmos is in use, LG OLED65 2021

  • 13 October 2021
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I have a new model LG OLED65, new arc and sub gen 3. I’m seeing Atmos in the Sonos app but hear no evidence that any of the directional speakers are functioning at all. I’ve tested with several Atmos intense content that’s supposed to be mind blowing. Things like the opening car chase scene in 6 Underground and Squid Game. Also some content from Plex and Prime. But still no indication of any directional sound. 

Would love to know if there’s something I’m missing. 

9 replies

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How big is your room? How high is your ceiling? Is your ceiling flat? How far are you seated from the Arc?

@GuitarSuperstar sitting ~6’ from TV. 8’ flat ceiling, 15’ wide and ~18’ deep.


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Your room size and listening position is ideal.

Have you adjusted the Height Audio Level under the Arc’s settings in the Sonos app? I set my setting to +6 or +7.

Find a movie with a scene with clear height channel effects. If you watch The Wandering Earth on Netflix at about the 1:23:25 mark, there are clear electric spark sound effects playing out of the upward firing drivers for 30-40 seconds. Just be sure you are listening to the Dolby Atmos Chinese track.

Also make sure you have Night Sound turned off.

@GuitarSuperstar thanks for that detail. I did everything you mentioned and it still sounds like everything is coming from straight ahead. Very strange. 

Okay, so small headway. I just put on Joker which is showing in the Sonos app as playing Dolby Multichannel PCM 5.1 and I can hear the directional side speakers in use at least. 

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Even if you set the Height Audio Level to +10, you don’t hear anything from above? It should sound like the sparks are coming from a spot on the ceiling in between you and the Arc, not directly above you.

Have you performed Trueplay tuning yet? What model LG do you own?

Another good film to test for the side-firing drivers is Roma on Netflix. At the 40:00 mark, you should clearly hear sound effects from the side drivers especially on the left side.

I’ve done the Trueplay tuning, yea. I also tried setting to +10. No diff. Everything still sounds like it’s coming from straight in front of me. My TV is a LG OLED65 C1. I ran the test with Roma and did hear sound from the left side driver for sure. Actually super impressive. Maybe I’m looking too hard. The demo I heard when I purchased was so vivid and clearly directional.

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Is the Arc mounted on the wall or sitting on a media stand? How far is the Arc from the ceiling? Is the top of the Arc clear from any obstruction?

Roma probably has one of the best Dolby Atmos soundtracks on Netflix.

Another good scene to test for height channels is at around the 1:03:25 mark. For the next few minutes you should clearly hear the trees burning/crackling above you.

By far the best audio sequence of the film, that will show off the side-firing and upward-firing drivers and the Sub, is near the end of the film at around the 2:00:00 mark (if you plan on watching this film and don’t want to see the ending, don’t watch this scene).


Is the Arc mounted on the wall or sitting on a media stand? How far is the Arc from the ceiling? Is the top of the Arc clear from any obstruction?

Sitting on a stand in front of the TV, unobstructed by anything. The Arc is about 6’ from the ceiling. 

Again, thanks for all the advise. I’ll check those other timestamps.