Can't control volume on Playbar with Samsung TV

  • 26 September 2019
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Hey everyone - I've been trying to fix an issue with volume control with my new Sonos Playbar for weeks to no avail. I've tried a LOT of different things, but nothing has stuck yet. I'm reaching out to this community to see if you guys to ask for help and to see if you have thought of something that I haven't. I'll try to keep it brief.

THE PROBLEM: I can't reliably control the volume of my Sonos Playbar with my Samsung ONE Remote. What I mean by "reliably" is that I have figured out a way to fix this issue, but the fix lasts only for about 24 hours. After that, I have to re-fix the issue again. It is very annoying.

THE CYCLE: I reset my Samsung TV back to factory settings. I then, set up my Samsung TV remote to control the volume on my Sonos Playbar using the steps outlined in Sonos's FAQ here: . After following these steps, I can control the volume of my Playbar with my Samsung One Remote. After about 24 hours, however, this fix stops working and I can no longer control the volume with my Samsung One remote. In order to reinstate the fix, I have to reset my Samsung TV back to factory settings again and go through the rest of the steps in this cycle. I go through this cycle every day in order to get my Playbar to work with my Samsung TV.
SPECS: This is my Samsung TV: 8 Series -

What else should I be doing to make my fix more permanent? Is there anything that could be causing the fix to revert? Is there a workaround that perhaps work on a more long-term basis? I've heard that other third party universal remotes work better; should I try that instead? Will the Logitech Harmony permanently fix my issues ?

3 replies

I’m having the exact same problem and no solution works for me either


i ended up programming my cable remote to do the playbar volume from within the sonos app under settings>system>playbar>remote control setup which isn’t a perfect solution but it works 

Same issue here. Everything was perfect for about a year then suddenly the playbar dropped off the map when using the TV (no issues with music) I was able to correct it for a while by selecting Sonos from the source menu then quickly switching back to the desired source. Now Sonos no longer even shows in the source menu, nor will is accept the process when I set it up as new...again. 


Frustrating, it’s definitely keeping me from making the sub purchase I had planned. 

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@Francis T 


I would like to ask if you can send us a diagnostic report of your system and reply back with the number. This will allow us to see what is causing your Playbar not connecting to the Tv properly.