Can not connect Sonos Arc with Sony TV XBR-55X900E

  • 15 April 2022
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First of all I have an Arcana in this loop. But everything was working fine until it quit working fine. So today I unplugged Sonos Arc HDMI cable from the TV and the Sonos Arc, unplugged power cables from the wall for the TV & the Sonos Arc. Waited like 5 minutes. Plugged the HDMI back into the Sony Arc port and then the Sonos Arc. Powered up the tv and the Sonos Arc. Sound from TV to Sonos ARC worked. Unplugged the Sonos Arc HDMI  from the Sony TV arc port and plugged it back into the Arcana. Went to the Sonos iPhone App, System, Arc + the surround sounds, including Sub, TV Setup, Let’s get your Sonos Arc SL connected to your TV, Connected cable to Sony Arc and sometimes it will go to the next screen but only to give me a failure something like not connected. I’m befuddled. Everything was working and now it’s not. 


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Try this:

Disconnect everything from the TV including the Arcana. Disconnect any external media device or HDMI switch from the Arcana too. Unplug the TV, Arc, and Arcana from power for a couple of minutes. Plug everything back in but keep everything disconnected. Make sure Bravia Sync is enabled on your TV. Connect the Arcana to the TV. Run TV Setup in the Sonos app. When the app instructs you to connect to the TV, connect the Arc to the Arcana. When the Arc has been successfully connected, connect your devices back to the Arcana.

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I followed all the steps. Bravia Sync is enabled. I used the HDMI from the Arcana and connected it to the TV. Ran setup, asked me to plug in the Arc cable so connected it to the Arcana. Then I got testing, then I got CEC is not connected. Sorry Guitar Superstar but as always sure do appreciate the help.


My sincere apologies! I forgot to plug the Arcana into the TV first. Now works perfectly.


Thanks thanks thanks


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1 more ?. I lost the volume bar on the tv screen. Is there anyway 2 get it back?

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I reset my Sony XBR-55X900E and the now the volume bar is back.