Can I use the beam through wifi through the arc

  • 4 September 2021
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The house set up i’m moving into allows me to see my  75 inch t.v in the living room 22 feet away in my bed(while the doors are open)

I’m hoping to get an arc and a beam, Have the arc connected to the t.v, and then use the beam through wifi so I can still have more immersive sound in my bedroom while watching tv, Plus also have speakers in different rooms for music. 

Is it possible to do this? Can you turn the Arc volume down, have the beam in the same room(in the app) and then turn the beam up to have more efficient and quieter sound in the bedroom while watching a movie, youtube, tv and gaming. 


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5 replies

No. There can only be one “home theater” device in a single Sonos “room”, although you can certainly put as many Sonos speakers in the same room as you have power for, and just ‘group’ the Sonos ‘rooms’ in the software. 

But each Sonos “home theater” device, both the Arc and the Beam, connect to your TV using an ARC or eARC connection, and I don’t know if any TVs that have multiple ARC/eARC outputs. 

While it’s been several years since I last looked at the CEC specifications which control ARC connections, as I recall, there can only be one ‘sink’ (speaker connection) in any case. It’s possible that there have been revisions to the spec that I’m not conversant with that may have changed that.

But I’m really confused about what your intention is for the Beam? If it’s just for music purposes, then there’s no reason it can’t be used, just not as surround speakers for the Arc. 

However, if your intent is surround speakers bonded to the Arc, the Beam can not be used. You’d need a pair of other Sonos speakers, such as Sonos Ones or Sonos Fives, or even a Sonos Amp driving your own pair of speakers. 

Hey Bruce, 

Thanks for the response. 

The purpose of the beam is to be able to have a soundbar in my bedroom , Mounted above the double doors, that would provide decent reasonable sound quality if I wanted to game or watch a movie in bed. The intention is to have two seperate soundbars, with the arc hardwired/mounted to the tv & mount, and the beam connected through wifi, not in surround sound format, mounted above my door 12 feet closer inside the bedroom(small granny apartment) to be able to use seperately or at the same time(I’m hoping to just turn down the arc) when I want to get into bed and watch a movie, game etc. 

Hopefully that clarifies my intentions. 

Thanks again 


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This setup is possible but you might experience a slight audio delay from the Beam when playing TV audio. It may not be noticeable though since you plan on turning the volume down on the Arc.

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You could Group the Beam with the Arc, and then turn down the Arc volume. But there’s going to be a slight and unavoidable delay in sound to the Beam due to the buffering needed.


Edited to add:

@GuitarSuperstar beat me to it!

And that Beam would only play a stereo signal, never a 3.0 signal.