Can i plug a Fetch Tv box to a Playbar via its digital output? My TV doesn't have a optical socket.

  • 10 June 2014
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Can I use the optical output on my Iinet fetch box as my Sony Bravia tv doesn't have an optical socket. If I get an optical to digital converter what sound quality will the Playbar play?

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6 replies

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Hi Justin,

Yes, you can use the Optical connection on another device to wire to the PLAYBAR and we'll play that signal. You might have a slight audio lip sync issue, depending on the speed of the connections there. The TV might not be in sync with the audio since we're getting the audio at the same time the TV gets the video. But you can certainly test it out to see. Alternatively, you could look into an HDMI switcher or Coax to Optical converter as other workarounds.

Great question and I'm in this situation today. I have connection via Optical cable, the PLAYBAR is over wifi and the FetchTV box is connected via cable to the router. There is a delay in sound from the PLAYBAR. Our TV is a smartTV but no optical socket. How can I fix this please?
How much of a delay?
If the audio is coming directly from the FetchTV box the PLAYBAR is most likely to be ahead of the TV picture, not behind. Use the adjustment in the PLAYBAR's room settings to insert some delay.
This community rocks, thanks will give it a go! The LHC it's just a slight delay, enough to recognise it, will establish which is ahead and learn how to adjust (insert delay) in the PLAYBAR settings. LEGENDS, will come back if I have difficulty.
The Playbar has an inherent delay of 30ms, which you can't do anything about, most people don't notice it. If the audio is behind you'd need to delay the picture, which would have to be done on the TV, which may not have that option.