Can I connect both a smart TV and analog speakers to the connect:AMP?

  • 19 December 2022
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My parents in their TV room have a Sonos connect:AMP and 2 old school analog speakers to listen to music in that room, but the TV was never connect. I now wanted to buy a SmartTV for them for christmas, as next to smart functionality I thought it would be able to connect to Sonos, yet found on the internet that not every Sonos is connectable. My question now is: is there any way to be able to connect the (not yet bought) smartTV to the sonos connect:AMP, with the 2 analog speakers also being connected? I now the connect:AMP only has one input, yet hope there is a kind of workaround. Please help me out, so I can give my parents a better movie watching experience! BTW they do have a Sonos Five, yet in another room...


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2 replies

Hi. You could probably do it but I would not recommend going down that route. The Connect:Amp was never intended for use with a TV. The picture and sound would not sync, and you would only get stereo sound. Depending on the outputs available you may need a device to convert audio formats.

Having said all that, for the cost of a couple of cables you could try it. They may be very happy with it.

A better solution would be the current product, the Sonos Amp. But that would be a substantial extra expense. A significant discount would be available because they have a Connect:Amp. 

I’d be honestly tempted to go with a Sonos Ray, which might be a better solution for this use case.