Can HDMI (video out) from Arcana be split to send video to slave monitor via HDMI?

  • 25 July 2022
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I am planning to purchase an Arc+Sub+Satellites in the coming months, and I will need either a new eARC equipped TV or an Arcana. I am leaning toward an Arcana in the hopes that I can add a powered splitter to the HHMI video output of the Arcana, allowing me to send video to my 4K panel and to a video only monitor 25 feet away. 

Any experience here with splitting that signal? I assume that because the Arcana successfully segregates the audio from the video that splitting the video is no big deal.


3 replies

Not really a great forum for this kind of question, I’d be asking in a more general TV/HDMI oriented venue, but as long as there’s power to boost that second HDMI signal, it’s hard to imagine there’d be any impact. I’d not want to just “split” the signal without some sort of power amplification, though, as I’m not sure how much degradation of power amplitude might occur on that signal….given that it’s digital, though, it likely would either work, or not work, and not much in between. 


I agree that this is a less than optimal forum for this question. I have also queried the manufacturer, but so far, no response is forthcoming. If I purchase a powered splitter and it doesn’t work I can always return it. But if the answer is “no” out of the box, I can save myself and the retailer some grief. 

Your “maybe” agrees with my initial thinking, but I am hoping for a more definitive answer. Thanks.

I would recommend using a splitter or hdmi matrix in between the source and Arcana, rather than between Arcana and source.  It may work either way, but I can confirm that you can use a  splitter/switch/matrix before both because I do this myself and because the HD Fury website recommending setup this way.  You would also retain audio to your second TV/monitor if you ever need to.

One thing to consider is that your 4K TV and monitor likely have different capabilities, and most HDMI splitters/matrix will tell the source the lower video quality (via EDID I believe), probably your monitor in this case.  Meaning you will not get you will not get the best video quality on your TV, but only the same quality as your monitor.  I’m using HD Fury’s Vertex2 specifically for this reason, in addition to Arcana.  Vertex2 will tell the source the higher quality video of your connect TV, and downgrade the signal for the lower quality. The VRROOM is an update version that does that functionality of Vertex2 and Arcana.  The products are expensive, and you probably can find other HDMI devices for cheaper.  Of course, you can also just get two TVs/monitors of the same video/audio quality as well.