building a new house with Sonos amp with 4 in ceiling speakers

  • 5 October 2023
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Hi all,

I and hoping to get some clarification on the set up of the Sonos sounds system in the living room as I am building a new house.

the living room is around 10m by 7m with 3m height.

there will be a TV on one of the walls. I am hoping that I could have a TV connected to Sonos amp via HDMI. Then a single Sonos Amp can be connected to 4 in ceiling speakers. It looks to me that as long as each speaker is at most 8 Ohms, it is ok.

the purpose of sound system is to listen to music and watch some TV. I am not after some elaborate home theatre set up 

I am also hoping NOT to use any sound bar including ARC 

my questions are;

  1. I intend to use four Sonos in ceiling speakers , which I understand is 8ohm. Can someone confirm that it is, hence, ok to connect 4 such speakers to a single Sonos amp?
  2. In Sonos website, it looks like you can connect such speakers in parallel to the two channels. See this link .( It scares me to connect speakers in parallel in case it burns the amp. Have anyone done this and willing to share experience or photos?
  3. is my set up feasible? Ie a TV connected to Sonos amp in the same room via HDMI cable. Then subsequently the Sonos amp is connected to 4 Sonos in ceiling speakers?
  4. Ang particular recommendation in positions of in ceiling speakers? I found this Sonos manual. Is this manual good enough?

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Others may reply tot other questions. as to question numer 3:  I'd doubt if having TV sounds not coming from (near) your screen but from the ceiling is a good idea. Same for enjoying music. For back ground music ceelings would be OK I suppose, but for really enjoying music go for speakers placed in a normal position - at ear heght.

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No worries about damaging the Amp with two 8 Ohm speakers on each channel. You can actually go to three per channel if you sue the Sonos/Sonance ones in the Sonos store.

The TV to Amp via HDMI is the preferred connection.

If you want to avoid the sound bar and want better sound than ceiling speakers look at the in-wall offerings in the Sonos Store. Four of them with a volume control for the rear two would work well for TV and excellent for music.