Bravia Core Service - DTS Sound

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Sony is offering a new subscription-based streaming service “Bravia Core” with the purchase of its new 2021 Sony XL tvs providing access to its titles in up to 4k HDR quality.  I like the fact the emphasis is on getting the best video quality possible (“streaming at up to 80 Mbps, delivering lossless 4K UHD”).  And for a limited time (promotion ends February 23, 2022), it will be free when you purchase one of the eligible tvs.

Here’s the wrinkle: It features an IMAX®️ Enhanced collection, which will be optimized for BRAVIA XR, and will deliver the remastered IMAX®️ picture and immersive sound in DTS.

DTS is also noted as the sound format used for the service in the following article:

Sigh.  It will never end, will it? 😂

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This is the issue in experiencing. So sad Sonos don't support DTS . I just got my new Sony OLED 2021 last week. And tested the bravia core. No sound at all

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It has been widely known for a very long time that Sonos doesn’t support DTS and doesn’t seem to have plans to support DTS anytime in the near future. Knowing this, why are you using a Sonos sound bar if you want DTS audio?

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There's plenty of better soundbars out there.

I've worked around it with my Playbar for years but next time round it won't be a Sonos under the TV..