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  • 31 March 2014
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Can you give me the external box dimensions for the sound bar please.I need this for shipping. Thanks

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3 replies

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Hi Paul, 

please find the info here: 

Package dimensions (mm)







Weight (kg)


 Case Pack[/b]

 1 Per Case Pack

 Over dimensions (mm)







Weight Gross (kg.) 

I'm going to buy some sonos Items but i Need your help with the sizes and weights for the items to send this to Colombia, South America, the equipment is: 5.1 sourround system with playbar, 5.1 sourround system with playbase, connect amp, connect, set of 2 play 1 speakers, thanks for your help
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Hi Jaime

Your biggest issue is going to be shipment of the Playbar due to it's elongated shape. The Playbase maybe not so much. The other components do not pose a particular problem packaging wise. Your profile indicates you live Bogata, Columbia so I assume you are visiting somewhere and want to ship them home or you're having someone else purchase them for you.

Due to the delicate nature of the components my advice is to have a local shipper assist with packaging and shipment cost. The packaging that comes with the components is not sturdy enough to go through a small package system like USPS, UPS, FedEx or similar operation via ground transport. That much equipment would be better shipped via an international shipping operation on a pallet if by ground or next day air if single package (3 day air at most).

You'll want to use as few boxes as possible. Shipping cost is not necessarily based upon actual weight. Shipping cost after a particular size is based upon dimensions or what is called dimensional weight which is calculated upon how much space the package occupies in transit. For example a box the measures 20 x 20 x 20 filled with cotton may cost the same to ship as a box of lead measuring 12 x 12 x 12 weighing 25 pounds.

Finally, there are customs fees for international shipments that must have the proper paperwork attached so that they will clear customs without incident. At the end of the day the cost of shipping may make buying Sonos cost-prohibitive and therefore a local option may be better or at least buying from a dealer/manufacturer that can handle shipping for you.

Just curious...Sonos has dealers in and/or near why not buy local? Even if the local cost is higher by the time you pay for shipping the difference may be nil. Good Luck!