Bluetooth adapter for TV

  • 17 July 2022
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I have a TV that has only a digital output for audio (other than the speakers on the TV).  I’d like to use a Bluetooth adapter in that digital output to connect to my Sonos Move speaker.  I’ve read that connecting Sonos to a TV via Bluetooth is not possible, but wondering if anyone has suggestions.


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3 replies

I wouldn’t. An external Bluetooth adapter would add 100-200ms of delay, potentially ruining the lip-sync.

A Move is simply not intended to be used for this task. Sonos makes low-delay products specifically for connecting to a TV, such as the new Ray. 

Thanks Ratty.  This is planned for a tv we have in our screened porch area.  So we were hoping to use the Move since it’s suitable for outdoors, and can be moved next to where we are sitting.  We already feel like we are blowing the neighbors away when watching some action movies that have super quiet scenes followed by super loud scenes.  I saw that the Ray has a feature that diminishes loud sounds and enhances low sounds, but I still fear that the location near the tv away from where we are sitting will still require the volume to be too loud.

By all means try it, though if you care about the words matching the lip movements you may be disappointed.

Any budget BT transmitter on Amazon with an optical input would do. The Move wouldn’t support any of the fancier BT codecs, just the default SBC which, as I say, has a rather obvious latency.