Blu-Ray DTS to DD. List Blu-Rays players which can do this

  • 18 January 2015
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Can we get a list of Blu-Ray players which convert DTS to DD through HDMI. Using the Xbox one at the moment but want a proper player. Samsung players do this but is it through HDMI? and are the models mentioned on sonos support from 2013? Let's get an upto date list for now n in the future.

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18 replies

I'd like to know this also, my tv passes DD 5.1 but my current Denon blu ray player wont convert dts to 5.1. I was looking it the Oppo 103 but ive now heard this doesn't work either?
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Don't know about the oppo but I bought the Samsung h6500 and this does convert DTS to DD. sounds awesome and only cast £100
That's a good price for a player with so many features, gets good reviews as well, I wonder if there's any other higher end players in the Samsung range that do the same thing?
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There is the Samsung f7500 blu-Ray which is higher and has duel hdmi too. Also according to a post on avs forums this lay uses the same chip as the oppo 103. Post 191 has the info.
Great, thanks for the info 🙂 I shall check it out..
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No prob.
Looks like another really good player, seems to come highly recommended.. I notice there's 2 models though an F7500 and a J7500, I've got a feeling the J has superseded the F but not sure, my local electrical store has them in stock so might go down there tomorrow and have a look. Having heard the difference between the sonos simulated stereo surround and the 5.1 it's like night and day, so it's not really something you can live without. 🙂
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Yeah I think the j series is the latest I haven't seen anything on that model. U can't have a sonos 5.1 and not have a player that converts DTS to DD. sim stereo is good but pails in comparison to DD
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Just found a review on the j7500.
Thanks for the link, good review!... I think this will be the one I go for, seems to cover everything I need, and the 4k up-scaling is a bonus too.
Just a quick update. purchased the blu-ray player and it works like a charm, full 5.1 surround sound which sounds amazing!! The only problem is that is doesn't seem to work on older DVD's just comes out as stereo even tho it's a dts soundtrack? Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong. Anyway I'm not too bothered about DVD's as the main reason I wanted it was for new blu-ray films and it does exactly what I wanted 🙂
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That's cool did u get the Samsung j7500 bluray?
Yes the J7500. Many thanks for the recommendation by the way, it's a great looking player, can't believe how thin these things are! Makes my old Denon look like a Betamax. Have you had any trouble with the sound from DVD's at all with yours?
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Honestly I've never tried a DVD, I'm a quality snob n couldn't watch DVD when there is a bluray vision of the movie lol. I'll give it try n let you know. Glad u like the player.
Ha Ha! Yeah too right! going back to DVD's now is harmful on the eyes! I've got a cupboard full of em and I think the only good place for them now is on the fire 😛
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Tried a DVSMD n yeah only in stereo, no idea why...n the picture is better than expected too. I have a 4k TV so DVD never gonna amazing Bluray does look amazing and now have sound to match.
Yeah it's strange why DVD's don't work but no huge loss as you say, just makes for a good excuse to upgrade the rest of the film collection 😛 I've got a 4k TV too and with these new blu-ray players they look even better with the 4k upscaling, it's definitely been a good buying decision.
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The Oppo UDP-203 does it buy they aren't manufactured anymore. I have one, love it and will not sell it. If you can find one, buy it!