Bigger Beam (aka Upgraded Playbar)

Does anyone know if there is any murmurings of a bigger Beam or a upgraded PlayBar? I'm wanting to upgrade in a home theatre, but am willing to wait if there was something in the pipeline. I really want the AirPlay 2 option, so the current Playbar doesn't support it, and the PlayBase does but its too chunky for my liking. Thanks!

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There's been no indication so far, but many of us would expect that it would be the next thing from Sonos .

That being said, we also didn't expect the newest Sonos Amp to be released, either. Sonos doesn't telegraph what they have in the pipeline, most likely due to competition.
Sounds good. We didn't expect an updated Sonos One either but that arrived not long ago. Here's hoping 🙂
By the way, I frequently AirPlay 2 to my PLAY:5 gen 2, and group the PLAYBAR into the group, and get the signal that way.
I think if I was going to get anything at the moment, I would get the Playbase, which does have Airplay 2 support. But I can wait 🙂


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