Best TV for Sonos Arc

  • 14 September 2020
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Hi all senior in Sonos Community. Nice meeting you. 


I just got my Sonos Arc and connected to youtube music now and i love the music alot compare to my Yamaha 209.

My question is i try connect to my 10 years old LG TV and it cant connect the sound and it does not comes with Optical.

Then I try my Xiaomi Laser Projector 150 inch and nothing is available as well. sob sob.

May I ask what TV should i get to get Sonos Arc compatible with zero issue with plug in Earc and issue solved. I plan to play PS4/5 with it.

Initially I try looking at LG C9 but some senior here mentioning there is issue with it as well.

So to cut story short, which is best TV and value for money TV should i got to pair with Sonos Arc.

Will TCL 825 does the trick or we need min flagship TV like LG CX or Sony X90H works as well. As kinda on tight budget and does not want to spent alot on OLED as heard it will burn in quickly as well alot samsung cant connect to the sonos arc.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply soon.



3 replies

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Hi @Tsukasa, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. About your question. There are a lot of TV’s out there that is working great with the Sonos Arc. We do not recommend any specific brands because we want to promote and keep fairness with third-party partners, hence what we can do is that we can wait for feedbacks and suggestions of other Sonos community users about the TV they use for their Sonos Arc. 

Let me know your thoughts with the advice above.

The Sonos community is always here to help. 


That's a lousy response, you're not helping.  Just name a bunch of them!

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I would recommend buying a TV with a solid return policy. Compatibility with the Arc over eARC and ARC transports is, frankly, a crapshoot with all brands right now.

The source device matters too: Apple TV, Roku, etc. You could search for someone using your source device with an Arc, successfully, and see what TV they are using.

Also, which country are you in? TV models vary, sometimes substantially, by geography.

It is hard to find a TV that can’t get optical-out right though, so if that is sufficient you have a lot of choice and much higher degree of confidence that it will work.

Agreed this would be a lot easier if Sonos published their secret list of which TVs work and, more critically, which do not.