Best surround connection option for Sonos Arc

  • 19 October 2020
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I have the arc with a sub and 2 sonos one’s. I use an apple 4K tv and the Optoma UHD60 projector. 

The UHD60 has an S/PDIF (optical) audio out port that offers Two Channel PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation). 

What option will give me the best surround sound experience? (And better yet, are any of these inferior?)

  • Wireless Connection using the Apple TV settings ‘video and audio’ > ‘audio output’ (easiest)
  • Hdmi from the arc to the optical out on the Optoma (using the hdmi/optical adaptor supplies by Sonos)
  • Purchase a receiver that has hdmi arc audio output capabilities (would love a recommendation for a good and simple receiver just for the Apple TV input with the hdmi arc audio out and a 4K hdmi out)

1 reply

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Hi @brickford5, welcome to the Sonos Community! I understand that you want to know your options with the products that you have and I’ll be happy to help. 

Our soundbars like the Sonos Arc are designed to be connected to a TV using optical and HDMI cable. And to get the most out of the Sonos Arc, you should be connecting it to the eARC port of the source like the TV then you will just add the surrounds and Sub wirelessly using the Sonos app. About your question, it will depend on how you want to use them and applicable connections. You can check which would work best and your preference. Below are the formats you’ll get based on the connection you use. We can also wait for other’s opinions. 

Hope this helps. We and the community are always here to help.