Best PS3 Settings to solve 5.1 DTS issue with Playbar

  • 14 March 2014
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I know that there are a lot of threads already dealing the Playbar DTS issue. The easiest way to deal with it seems to be using the PS3 as BD player. However I found different suggestions about the settings, especially regarding the audio output settings whether to select just Dolby Digital and unselect everything else or to select also the PCM options. These are so far the most mentioned settings I found in the forum:

Video Settings
-> BD Audio Output Format
-> Optical Digital
-> Bitstream (Mix)
Sound Settings
-> Audio Output Settings
-> Optical Output
-> Only Chose "Dolby Digital 5.1" or Chose DD and PCM
Audio Multi-Output
-> off

Anybody with ulterior suggestions or further insights about the best setup for the PS3 using the Playbar + SUB + 2 Play 1s or 3s?

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1 reply

I have a Sony Blu-Ray, HDMI connected to a Panasonic TV. The SPDIF from the TV is connected to an optical switch and onward to a Playbar and pair of Play 1’s grouped for surround (Sub is on the Christmas list). The Optical out from the Sony Blu-Ray is also connected through the optical switch as an alternative audio source into Sonos.
My problem is that although I can configure the Sony BD player to output DD5.1 on the optical port it appears as 2.0 (stereo) at the Playbar.
The PS3 approach from various threads appears to be a viable alternative to a new BD player so I ‘borrowed’ a redundant PS3 from my grandson to experiment.
I can confirm immediate success using the settings described above. Digital out from the PS3 is passed (by the switch) to the Playbar. Video is delivered through the HDMI. The DTS from the Blu-Ray disc is being formatted to DD5.1 which is confirmed when I check the Playbar sound source.
The PS3 isn’t a tidy solution but it does the job until I can find another approach.