Best placement for rear speakers

  • 13 November 2022
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Hi all,

Sorry I know this has been asked a 1000 times but just looking for quick advice about speaker placement. I’m getting delivery of sonos one wall mounts tomorrow and wondering where is best to fix them.

The green sofa is the main one we sit on with the centre of the tv opposite the right side of the sofa. 

I’ve put in different colours the three options for mounting the right speaker. 

White - beside the green sofa

Blue - beside the door

Orange - against the right wall


What do we think is best?



2 replies

At this writing no images of your room are posted here.

A general rule for speaker placement is symmetry.

If this is a surround system, draw an axis between the TV and your viewing position. The speakers should be centered on this axis. For rear speakers, they should be located near or slightly above your listening position. Avoid placing the rear speakers too close to your viewing position because small body movements will be more significant. For example if the rear speakers are placed at the ends of a sofa, the centered person will perceive balanced surround, but a person at either end of the sofa will be dominated by one rear speaker.

For stereo, if you want to be able to imagine instrument placement in the orchestra, you’ll need to be approximately as far from each speaker as they are from each other.

If your goal is background music, wide spacing is OK.

Rookie mistake! Here’s the photo.