Beam volume control with TV remote

  • 18 July 2018
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My Beam is connected through ARC and works fine with the TV. However, if I switch to playing music via Amazon of apple my tv remote no longer controls the beam’s volume and I have to use the app or voice controls. Is this by design or is there a way to change this?

Best answer by Edward R 31 July 2018, 12:12

Hi, iwb100. Thanks for your post. This behaviour is as expected. You need to use the application to control music. Many thanks.
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4 replies

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Hi, iwb100. Thanks for your post. This behaviour is as expected. You need to use the application to control music. Many thanks.
Is there any plans to address this? It would be nice to be able to control the volume of music through the TV app. Even when I switch to the the Sonos Input on my TV I still can’t control the volume, the volume HUD pops up but stays at the current volume level.
I'm confused. When playing an non-TV source, the Beam can't receive volume commands through the CEC connection, that is true. However, if you're using an IR remote, you can separately program the remote to work with the Beam. I had the same issue with my Beam earlier. didn't work when the TV was off, but after going through the remote setup, it works fine.

This document goes through the remote setup steps:

I think Edward was specifically referring to an Apple TV remote, which isn't IR I think.
Having a sound problem...just bought the beam...I set it up without a hitch to my LG 50PV450...including Alexia

however the next day my remote would work..and sometimes not.

It got worse...I reset everything...using the Sonos provided HDMI cable with the optical connector.
Except this time when it came to paring my remote..started to have problems.

When asked to press the volume key Sonos told me that it did recognize the remote.

Next it asked me to press the +volume button 3 times....I pressed it 3 times and received an error on the 3rd press telling me to try again..

Eventually it worked...after about 5 try’s

Same problem for - volume

Eventually it all worked and was told it was successful.

And it worked for about 15 minutes before having same issue as before.

Replaced batteries in remote (original remote for my LG tv (part# akb72914287)
My speakers are turned off
When I press the volume buttons I do see a display for volume.

Decided to do everything over again..

deleted app
Disconnected my abox
Disconnected my Sonos 3 upstairs
Pulled the power to everything
Reset beam to factory
Used a secondary remote for the tv
Used the remote about 5 feet away from beam
Did a clean install with no alexia or my other Sonos 3

Same problem..

A little discouraged...was planning on buying the amp and bass ...but now pretty sure just going to bring the beam back to Best Buy