Beam: Switching from Airplay 2 to Apple TV

Hi all: I've got an interesting problem. I have my Beam connected to my (CEC-enabled) Samsung TV via HDMI-ARC. I then have my Apple TV plugged into the TV via HDMI. I got everything to work when switching the Apple TV on with it's remote, which then turns the TV on automatically and enables the Beam. It also works in reverse when turning the TV off with the remote.
Secondly, when everything is off and I stream Apple Music from my phone to the Beam (via Airplay 2), the music plays great. Note, the TV is not on when playing music.
Now, the problem: after streaming music and wanting to go back and watch Apple TV...the Apple TV remote function described above does not work. Is the Beam somehow switching the TV input (despite it being off) when I stream music since it is plugged into HDMI-ARC? Then the Apple TV doesn't recognize the TV because the TV is on the HDMI-ARC input (the Beam) rather than the Apple TV input (regular HDMI)?
Also not having much luck turning the TV on via Alexa.
Any way to get this cleaned up? Thanks to all.

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