Beam - stop "Not Available" message on Samsung TV when using remote

  • 13 September 2020
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I've got a Beam connected via Optical. It's being controlled by my TV remote. 


TV is SAMSUNG model PS43D490A1WXXU


Every time I change the volume of the Beam using the Samsung remote the TV has a "Not Available" message. This is because the TV speakers are turned off. 


I've looked at the following link but it only provides instructions for Samsung One Remote, not a standard Samsung TV remote.


Would really like to turn off the "Not Available" message every time I change the volume.



3 replies

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Hi @RossL, welcome to the Sonos Community! Thanks for bringing this up and I’ll be happy to help you out. 

First, have you done the steps in the article about using a Samsung One Remote with Sonos home theater speakers? Maybe you just need to reconfigure to eliminate that because it will always depend on our TV manufacturer. If still the same, reach out to Samsung and maybe they have any workaround to prevent that or maybe some other user here can share something if they have also experienced it. 

Let us know how it goes. We and the community are always here to help.

Hi @Krishma M


As you will note from my first message, I already linked to the same article you had linked to. 


That link is for the Samsung ONE REMOTE, only. 


It is not for a normal IR remote, which is what I have.


Hopefully someone might have more information for me. 

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Ask Samsung. You are using optical, so there is no electrical connection between your Beam and your TV. Your TV is generating that message, so your TV manufacturer should be able to tell you how to turn it off.