Beam & Samsung UE32M5520 TV - Red power button keeps flashing

  • 23 December 2018
  • 8 replies

Hello Ihave a Sonos beam among other products. I just purchased a Samsung UE32M5520 TV from John Lewis. I have the Beam connected to the TV using the ARC port.

My problem is this. When i put the TV into standby mode he Red LED on the TV should remain solid RED. However with the Sonos Beam connected. The Red LED flashes on the TV flashes on and off constantly.

If i remove the HDMI cable form the Sonos Beam to the TV , the power LED on the TV remains Red. Which is what should happen. I can disable the Anynet setting in the TV settings but then this stops Sonos working all together,.

I have Sky Q attached via HDMI 2 port.

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8 replies

I have the same issue as of today. Just hooked up Beam to my Samsung UHD 6840 and have the flashing Red light on standby mode. Looking forward to answers, but int he meantime I am getting black duct tape to cover up the light....
Have you tried to contact Sonos to discuss it?
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Hi luke0380 & jjmaxwell

The following link will explain the LED colors and what action to take:

Hey AJ thanks for the reply. The flashing light I'm (we?) talking about is on the Samsung TV in standby/Off mode. I also posted to Smasung boards, but hoped Sonos boards would have the answer because people seem more on the ball here and the issue is Beam/ Samsung specific. Cheers.
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OK....from what I've researched there is a problem with the Samsung. Not necessarily detrimental but there's something going on with the connection of it and the Beam. All articles suggest calling Samsung direct. Relying on the boards here or on Samsung site is not sufficient.

The only thing I'd suggest at this junction is to try another HDMI cable. Make sure the optical adapter is seated properly if using optical. Check all connections for a tight fit regardless of how your TV is communicating with the Beam. Good Luck.

I spoke to Samsung support today and they spent a half an hour annoyingly telling me over and over that the TV is not the issue. The ARC/ Anynet+ connection (via HDMI) that the Beam is connected to on the Samsung means that the Beam is constantly "telling" the TV that it's on. They recommended turning off the Beam each time the TV gets turned off (obviously not an option) or connecting via Optical. Not a ton of help from Samsung, so in the future I'll be leaning toward a brand that plays better with Sonos.
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Hi again

Try contacting Sonos as Airgetam suggested to possibly rule out the Beam as defective. Submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID here and then call Sonos.
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Hi jjmaxwell

Just want to add that I have a 2013 Samsung Plasma 50 inch connected to a Beam. All commands work except “off”. I previously had the same Beam connected to 2012 Sony that worked perfectly. BTW if you search this forum you’ll find more threads about the Beam having issue with Samsung sets in one way or another.

Conclusion...all manufacturers implement ARC differently and per this forum Samsung seems to be the top offender. You might ask a friend or relative to allow you test the Beam on their set just to verify suspicions about Samsung (assuming you don’t have a second TV yourself).

Good luck to get things sorted out.