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  • 10 June 2018
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What's the Beam setup for a TV/Receiver setup that already uses ARC and CEC?

I have my TV connected via an HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC of my receiver. This set up works great because turning on the TV also turns on the receiver and everything just works.

Can the new Sonos Beam work in this setup? I see that my receiver has another HDMI out called "Monitor2". Would the Beam connect there?

Assuming it could be hooked up, how would it be turned on and used? My current setup is one-click to turn on both the TV and the receiver. I would like to avoid a multi-step process involving remotes, phone apps, and config menus.

Best answer by jgatie 10 June 2018, 20:18

The Beam cannot be used as a passive center channel. It can only be used in conjunction with other Sonos speakers.
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5 replies

Highly doubt there’s a use case for that. The Beam isn’t designed to work with a receiver.
What will be using the receiver for after you setup the beam? Are you planning on having the tv audio play through the beam and the speakers connected to your receiver?

That's an odd setup to uave a receiver and soundbar. You'll probably get the best answer if you share what you're tring to do.
I already have a woofer, back speakers, and side speakers for the TV via the receiver. What I'm missing is a center and a Sonos in that room.
The Beam cannot be used as a passive center channel. It can only be used in conjunction with other Sonos speakers.
A beam or bar should be hooked directly to the optical output from the TV.

That said, there is no reason why you cannot use an AV receiver, hook up all your devices to it, and have a single HDMI output to your TV. TV then redirects the receiver output to the Beam or Bar, just as any other source.

Basically at that point your AV receiver is a HDMI switch. Sure, you could hook all of your HDMI devices to your TV, but mine does not have enough inputs. Even if it did, I don't like to have 6 cables hanging from the back of my TV, the receiver organizes that.

So yeah, the playbar replaces the receiver amp and your speakers, but you can still use your receiver as a fancy HDMI switch and organize your outputs and cut cable clutter.