Beam + Play1 + Sky Q

  • 25 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I currently have the Beam and two play 1's plugged via optical into my Sky Q box and it's all working great. I would also like a connection into the TV as we watch a lot of Netflix/Prime using TV apps. Is there a way to split and have multiple devices into the Beam? Being optical connected I have lost the ARC functions. Is there a way to HDMI into Sky Q box?

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3 replies

HDMI from the Sky box to Beam wouldn't work. It requires an HDMI-ARC connection. Is there a reason you chose not to use ARC from your TV? That would get you audio from Sky, Netflix, etc down a single cable.

If for some reason you must use optical, you could always have an optical switch to flip between the existing feed from the Sky box and your TV's optical out. You couldn't use a passive mixer, such as a Y splitter cable in reverse.
If I use ARC the Sky Q box doesn’t turn the Dolby option on. I have to keep Normal to get any sound. By using optical into Q then it accepts Dolby option.
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Have you tried everything over HDMI?
It shouldn't make a difference to skyQ regards outputting DD5.1, if the skyQ box is set to output DD5.1
Is it more like your tv won't pass HDMI DD5.1 input , over tv optical ouput? a lot of older TV's won't.