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  • 22 January 2020
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Can I have my Sonos beam to the right of my tv?

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I wouldn’t recommend it. There’d be a cognitive dissonance in your mind with the center, left and right sound channels coming from somewhere other than where your brain thinks they should be because your eyes are telling you something else.



Thanks Bruce. There is no way to place it centrally due to the location of the TV. Therefore I will need to think of a different solution 

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Do you have the ability to mount it above or below the TV to a mount that would in-turn attach to the TV?  Depending on the size and weight of your TV, you would want to be careful if placing it on top, if the TV is freestanding.   I had a similar problem, mine is below the TV but not quite centered on a cabinet countertop..

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Consider a Sonos Amp, get speakers that will fit beside your TV and it will power them as well as providing a virtual center channel.

Thanks all. I am new to sound systems. I am not sure what an amp actually does. To answer one suggestion, the way the TV is mounted, carved into a chimney breast there really is no way of mounting the beam on top or below the TV. I have alcoves either side of the TV so the speakers like sonos ones I’m guessing would be a great idea. So in theory I assume I connect the amp to my Samsung one connect box, place a Sonos one in each alcove and the amp will receive from the Samsung one connect box and amplify to both the ones in the alcoves either side of my TV? as I said I am a newb. Cheers

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Not exactly, the Amp is an amplifier, intended to power conventional home stereo type speakers. You’d buy two that fit your space and wire them to the Amp.

You’d ideally connect the Amp to the TV.

You could add surrounds using Sonos speakers to avoid wires.

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@Willwakelin think twice before engaging with the Amp - if you have no other SONOS gear, then the SONOS Amp may be an expensive option

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I had a Beam next to my tv temporarily when I was preparing a move. Using Trueplay to adjust the sound, I was able to get it sounding okay actually. 

Sonos has a very generous replacement system (money back if not satisfied the first 100 days). 

I think you should try it out. 

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The Ones can’t be connected to the TV unless your using an Apple TV as you can then connect them to the Apple TV via Airplay. 

Only speakers with input for the TV, are the Beam, Playbar, Playbase and the Play:5