Beam or wait for Amp: help me decide

  • 3 September 2018
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I’m turning my former home office into a den. I am currently running two wired bookshelf speakers off of a PS Audio Sprout, with a Connect into the Sprout’s digital input (the Connect will soon be repurposed for landscape speakers). I have a turntable connected to the Sprout. I’ll be adding a wall-mounted TV (with all my equipment in a media credenza below the TV) and had planned to add a Beam before Sonos announced the new Amp. Now I’m torn between two approaches: 1) Install a Beam with the TV and continue to run my turntable off of the Sprout with the wired speakers, or 2) Wait for the Amp, then connect the TV through HDMI ARC, and use the Sprout as a phono preamp/headphone amp. Appproach 2 seems much more streamlined (one amp for TV, streaming, and vinyl; existing speakers are used for music and TV; can still listen to turntable with headphones), but Approach 1 gives me built-in voice control and maybe a slightly better TV-watching experience (and saves 200 bucks).

What would you do?

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