Beam only outputs stereo from BT box inputting surround via HDMI?

  • 1 March 2020
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Beam only outputs stereo sound from BT TV box inputting surround via HDMI?

I have a beam, 2 play ones and a sub. 5.1 works fine with a Humax satellite box and a Sony Blu-ray player (including Netflix and Amazon prime video apps on the Blu-ray player).

I cannot understand why the BT TV box doesn’t seem to “speak” to the beam?

Is it that the BT box outputs in DD+ which the beam can’t decode, hence the stereo?

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


Best answer by Rdb1 2 March 2020, 22:57

Problem was solved by doing a factory reset on the BT box.

Many thanks for your help.

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8 replies

There is likely an audio setting in the BT box that you need to set to Dolby Digital, and not Dolby Digital Plus, Stereo, or anything else.

Hi Bruce,

I only have the choice of surround or stereo in the BT box settings. The BT box is connected to the Beam via HDMI via the TV HDMI ARC. The Sony TV passes through 5.1 for a Humax satellite box and for a Sony Blu-ray player as well as for a Mac mini, so I’m totally puzzled why it doesn’t pass through “surround sound” from the BT box...

Any suggestions welcome,



Sorry, new to this, unfortunately have ticked answered by mistake 😕

No worries, most of us ignore that anyway. :)

I’m afraid that being a Yank, I’m not terribly familiar with BT’s hardware or software. And since the Sonos is working fine with the other sources, that points to an issue with the thing I’m not familiar with. 

I would certainly try a different HDMI cable between the BT box and the TV, although I would give that an extremely low chance of changing anything, since the cable that would really make a difference is the one between the TV and the Beam, and that one is working. 

I would be calling BT to figure out what is going on. Because the other sources are working, the TV and the Sonos are not an issue, it is the BT box. 


Thanks for your help, I’ll try a different HDMI cable and see if that works. The BT box is made by Humax but has BT software...

Call them, see what they say. Good luck!

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At the risk of asking the obvious: you have got one of the HD channels selected, and it is broadcasting a DD 5.1 signal? There is a tendency for only stereo or DD 2.0 broadcasts to be transmitted. 

Problem was solved by doing a factory reset on the BT box.

Many thanks for your help.