Beam loses surround sound

  • 10 January 2020
  • 7 replies

The beam sounds great with my surround speakers that are hooked up to a connect amp.

However frequently the surround speakers go missing. Also while watching TV they will do out and the beam will automatically turn down.  When I turn the beam back up, it will automatically lower the volume. The beam is only a week old.  Attached are two diagnostic numbers from tonight. 



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7 replies

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@Mark in Oxford Hi there, thanks for reaching out, and for sending in the report. Your Connect:Amp is reporting amplifier faults. As it is being used to power your rear speakers, the faults lead to the surround cutting out. This should correspond to a flashing orange light on the Connect:Amp. This can be due to faulty cables or cabling, or a hardware issue with the speakers or Connect:Amp.


The first thing to check is the wiring. Make sure each speaker cable is connected well, and doesn’t come into contact with the speaker cable for the other channel. It may help to reconnect each speaker cable on both ends.


If the issue remains, try removing both speaker cables from the Connect:Amp, then reboot it. When it’s back online, play some TV audio that has a rear channel and see if the orange lights return. If so, there may be a hardware issue with the Connect:Amp. If not, there is likely a bad cable, or an issue with one or the other speaker. You can swap cables and speakers to test things out.


If the Connect:Amp is showing a fault with no speakers connected, please give us a call. Our phone team can take over from here. You can find our number and hours in your area here.



So I checked connections and tried using a different connect/amp and am still having the same issues. New code 1872190180

It always goes out when there us lots of sound 


I believe Jeff is off for the weekend, if you don’t want to wait, you could contact Sonos Support directly to discuss that diagnostic. Or, Jeff will be back soon enough, if you have the patience.

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7.

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@Mark in Oxford Thanks for your patience, as Airgetlam said, I’m off during the weekends. It’s pretty unlikely that you have hardware issues with 2 different Connect:Amps at the same time. This makes me think that the issue is somewhere else. Can you try different speaker cables, or speakers? perhaps switch the old Connect:Amp over to where the second one you mentioned was located? If the issue remains on the first setup, but not on the other location, then we can remove the Connect:Amps from the equation and look to the cables and speakers.


New code above. Used different speakers with amp/connect and still get the same results. 

All of the sonos work great independently. So not sure why they don't pared together.