Beam + HomePod together!?

  • 15 July 2018
  • 2 replies

I have a HomePod. Pretty meh to my ears and only works with half baked AppleTv. But it does have decent bass and spreads sound around nicely. Thinking of getting a Beam, putting HomePod on top and connecting them thru Airplay. That way it'd work with every source I send thru my TV, perhaps augment Beams bass and add it's "wall of sound" to Beams presumably more focused image. Any thoughts? Would this work? Would audio be synchronized? I'll probably wind up selling HomePod & getting a Playbass but I might try this first!

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2 replies

Unfortunately, that would work. Airplay2 is a one way communication, from Apple products to other speakers. So you will be able send audio from the tv to beam to homepod. You should be able to send audio from apple tv to the homepod and beam, but it didn't sound like that was your intention. Besides, i don't think playing the two speakers together like that will really sound better then the beam alone.
I want to eliminate AppleTv (and see it and streaming as DOA for now) since I have directv and want to send all my audio through my Sony TV, which has audio pass through. Hoping all audio would go to Beam and get synched with Airplay in real time to homePod. Too much to ask I know, but I'll try it and, like I said probably wind up with a Playbase...