• 12 February 2019
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Is it possible for the BEAM to accept an HDMI signal directly from a source (cable box/ dvd. etc) instead of the HDMI arc or optical out to hdmi converter

Best answer by Keith N 12 February 2019, 23:08

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28 replies

That’s really handy thanks. 
I found This which seems to fit the bill. 

any idea if this will automatically takeover the beam audio, or whether I will need to select it each time I want to watch my projector (like the line-in on the Play5) 



ok - so the source need to be optical out or HDMI+ARC - thank you for following up

I use an Apple TV 4K with a 4K HDR 10 Monitor and a Sonos Beam.  No TV.

I use a $20 audio extractor ( AV access 4KCVH2H) with an SPDIF output and then the optional Sonos optical to HDMI adapter.

The whole thing works fine including the volume control on the 6 button Apple TV remote.

In Apple TV settings set remote to TV via IR and them in the Sonos app configure using the apple remote volume buttons.




That’s really handy thanks. 
I found This which seems to fit the bill



I can confirm that the splitter and beam work well together - when Chrome kicks in it automatically takes over the Beam so it doesn’t require any selecting within the Sonos App. 

The power-in line on my splitter was a bit dodgy so meant the chrome kept loosing connection, but since I’ve stabilised it everything runs fine. 

Extra tip… the Beam will learn the remote control for your tv/projector and you can use it to control the volume - on my Optoma it wasn’t possible to deselect the built-in speakers - so what I did was plug a 3.5mm headphone jack into the output socket and this cancelled them out without effecting the audio to the Sonos.