Beam Gen 2 with a Sub Mini

  • 20 May 2023
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Hi All,

I’m new to Sonos and would just like to get a few opinions for the sound settings on my new Beam Gen 2 with a Sub mini.

I do not have a iphone so unable to use trueplay. I have it set up in a medium size 3mtr x 6mtr room with 2mtr high ceilings.

It sounds amazing and I’m very pleased with my choice just interested in what settings others are using.

4 replies

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You need to set your Sonos up to where it sounds the best to your ears.

Unless you can find someone with your exact room and furnishings you have the settings they are using are likely wrong for your room.

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Thanks for the reply Sanley_4

It's more I was  interested in what people used settings wise.

Mine is set as follows

EQ bass 0 treble +3 loudness on


Bass +2 

Height audio level +6

I can't believe the amount of bass from the sub mini.


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A borrowed iPhone could help you with Trueplay.

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A borrowed iPhone could help you with Trueplay.

I've just borrowed an iPad and set up using trueplay, I just can't believe the difference it's made, it's witchcraft😁