Beam Gen 2 stuck on connecting when trying to connect to Television

  • 9 January 2022
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Having just bought the Beam (Gen 2), I have it all up and running connected to WiFi and able to play audio through the app like any other speaker.

I'm trying to connect it to my TV to work as intended as a soundbar. I go through the couple of steps informing me to plug the HDMI into the ARC port of my TV and into the back of the soundbar, and then the next instruction is "Connecting...". From here, nothing happens. I've waited 30 minutes with no change. I've reset my app, unplugged the soundbar and reconnected it with no joy.

Could anybody help me work out how to get it fixed? The TV is 6 years old, but has an ARC HDMI port so I assume I shouldn't be having any issues.


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2 replies

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Be sure you have enabled CEC in your TV settings before you run the TV Setup process in the Sonos app.

This relates to a brand new Sonos Beam 2 purchased directly from Sonos.

I have a similar problem to Perkunas in setting up Sonos with my TV and I still have no resolution.
My Tv is a Panasonic Viera with the HDMI 2 port labelled as ARC. I have done all a suggested with the Panasonic’s Viera link settings either off or on.  The Sonos set up app/routine stops in the TV set up saying ARC is not detected.

All other items are disconnected from the TV and no other obvious sources of interference are nearby.

I have also tried the Optical Audio alternative into the TV with HDMI cable into the Sonos Beam 2. With this route my TV controller controls the sound volume from Amazon music air played from my iPad on to my Sonos Beam 2 but I still have no sound from my TV to my Sonos Beam 2.


I am not a techie so my default position in these circumstances is thatI don’t know what I am doing and there must be a simple solution!