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  • 10 July 2022
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I bought my Beam when it was first released. It worked beautifully until about 6 months ago. Now voices are low and difficult to hear. I turn the volume way up to hear the voice during a movie or show. However, during a music segment it blasts me. I can’t watch tv like this. 

I did re-tune TruePlay and Speech Enhancement is turned on. In fact, toggling Speech Enhancement makes no difference. 

Any ideas?


Can a Beam be repaired?


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3 replies

Can a Beam be repaired?

If the Beam is outside of the warranty or any extended warranty period, you may find repairers online, Another community user posted this link (just as one such example) recently, but obviously he/I cannot verify if the chosen repairer will be up-to-the-mark, so such a course of using 3rd-party repairers is entirely at your own risk

Just as an example:

I can’t personally comment on the audio that you’re hearing from your Beam, as connected audio sources can and do vary and environments vary, aswell as each persons hearing.

If you perhaps think the Beam is faulty in some way however, before doing anything else I would submit a Sonos system diagnostic report and post it’s reference back here.. then follow this support LINK to contact/chat to Sonos Support Staff about the matter, as the diagnostic report may reveal if there is a problem with your speaker.

I’d also check your system to ensure the signal reaching the Beam is indeed Dolby Digital (5.1),  and not just a stereo or PCM 2.0 signal, which could potentially cause dilution of the center channel, as the center channel wouldn’t then exist. It’s possible that the settings on a source device feeding your TV and the Sonos has been changed without your knowledge on a ‘background’ update. 

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