Beam - Dolby Digital or PCM?

  • 13 August 2018
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Hi guys, tried searching but can’t find an answer to my specific question.
I have had my beam for a few weeks, and noticed in my Samsung TV settings audio out was set to PCM. When I changed to Dolby Digital, the difference is significant and the bass response sounds a lot better.
Is this what I should be having it on, or should I have PCM?
I wouldn’t want to risk doing damage to the unit, the bass is far more significant while the bass on the Sonos settings remains at default.
Looking for a little advice if it’s ok - thanks guys 🙂

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4 replies

Dolby Digital is better.

PCM is effectively stereo only. You'll get better definition out of Dolby Digital.
Excellent. Thanks fella, appreciate the response. I had a feeling this was the case, but wasn’t sure. I’m only using the beam alone with no additional speakers but the sound response sounds 10x better when DD selected.
It seems my PS4 pulls DD by default, can’t figure out why my tv defaults to PCM... it’s a brand new Samsung 4K HDR set, would have thought it would push for the best!
There's probably audio settings in the Samsung that you can adjust. Just make sure that you're watching something that actually is broadcast in Dolby Digital, some TVs don't allow you to choose the option when whatever they're receiving is only in stereo.

And no, specifically, you won't hurt anything by not having the extra speakers yet. And I'll say yet, as I suspect soon enough you'll extend to a pair of surround speakers as well as a SUB, as they really make the whole experience sublime.
Mate I wish I had the spare cash to extend to the Sub but £699 is a bit too much for the wife to be to accept!
The sound from the Beam is stellar for my needs, to think I’ve been using tv speakers for so many years... I can never look ( or listen) back!

I can tell such a significant difference when I’ve selected Dolby Digital, that I’m surprised the tv didn’t default to it. PCM has such little bass response in comparison, but I’d read things online saying PCM is better. I didn’t know what else to look at to confirm hence why I came to the forums 🙂