Beam defaults to MUSIC when TV is turned off

  • 27 November 2018
  • 6 replies

Is there a way to have the Beam soundbar provide TV sound automatically when the TV is turned on?

Currently I have to either tell Alexa to switch to TV sound, or click 'TV' via the Sonos app. Would simply like to turn on the TV and have sound, rather than have to talk to the soundbar each time I turn the TV on!

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6 replies

good question. I noticed the same thing with my new Beam. It being a soundbar, I would think it should default to television sound ... or at least to its last audio source. Better yet, it should recognize the active source and switch to it.
There should be an "autoplay" function buried in the room settings for the Beam. Essentially, it looks for a new signal coming in on the digital input and if it sees something, it changes to that input.
Thanks, I found that AUTOPLAY setting and switched it ON. We'll see overnight. 🙂
Not sure if Autoplay senses when the music is stopped and the TV is on. Pretty sure once you have the TV powered on and then switch to music, Autoplay no longer switches the input, you have to do it manually. That's why the mute/unmute works, it fools the input into thinking the TV was turned on/off.

Note: All this may be put awry by the Beam connected to ARC. Who knows what that does?
Well, perhaps I misinterpreted the part of the question "when the TV is turned on" I made the assumption that this was turning on the TV, not that the TV remained on, and music was just stopped. To my knowledge, there's no way to automatically switch when one source is turned off, to a source that is already "on". Hence my comment: "Essentially, it looks for a new signal coming in on the digital input and if it sees something, it changes to that input. "
The BEAM worked this morning (provided TV sound when the TV itself was turned on)! 🆒

But a few minutes later, no sound. 😞 Mute/Unmute didn't work and the Sonos app said the BEAM was working through its input. I fussed with a lot of settings off/on, no joy. then all of a sudden it started working again.