Beam CEC is Inconsistent

  • 5 September 2018
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I have a Beam connected to a TCL 55p607 through ARC. It blocks my TV's IR receiver, so I have CEC turned on and it works perfectly when I use the Beam as a soundbar for the TV. The issue is, if I use the Beam to play Spotify or don't use the TV for a day, it seems to lose the CEC connection. When I try to turn the TV on later, Beam won't send the IR signal, so I have to walk over and point the remote past the Beam. Once my TV is on, it seems to reconnect to the Beam and the CEC works great again.

Is there something I can do to prevent having to manually turn on my television every time I use my Sonos for something besides TV watching or go for a day or so without using it?

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2 replies

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Hi there, kylesacks. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Some TV's have a power save mode that will disable the HDMI ports after not receiving a signal for an amount of time. You may want to consult your TV's user guide or the manufacturer to see if that is a feature and how to disable this.
That's exactly what it was, Keith. Thank you! For anyone who comes here with my same TV, turns out there's a setting under "Power" that's called "Fast TV start" which will keep the HDMI ports active.