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  • 30 October 2023
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As already mentioned in these topics:

I would like to know if it is planned to allow the Beam to be used as a center speaker. I know that it plays three channels, but a configuration switch to play only the center channel would be great.

The goal is to use some other speakers for the left and right channels. Why ? Because I already have some nice speakers and I would like to combine them with the Beam.

If such a configuration is possible, I will buy a Sonos Amp to connect my speakers as left and right channels. Let me emphasize that my potential purchase of an Amp is determined by the availability of this functionality.

This kind of configuration (Beam + Amp) is already available for surround speakers. Making it available for side speakers would be tremendous!


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5 replies

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Often asked. Often asked for. 
So far, “great idea: we’ll tell engineering” has been Sonos’ response. Let’s see this time…

Been asked for for a decade, going back to the original Playbar.  Has never seen the light of day - Make of that what you will.  And whether it is never coming or it is coming tomorrow,  Sonos isn’t going to tell us. 

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So you are asking Sonos to make the FL and FR speakers that are built into the Beam and that it’s sound profile is designed on redundant? So you can use non-sonos speakers as FL and FR with an Amp that is not meant to be used with a center? And how would you connect the Amp to an HDMI-ARC when the Beam is already connected to it?

Sonos is about ease of use as much as it is about sound quality. I do not see them allowing you to use a speaker as a center that is not meant to be a center, just for you to use it with an Amp that they have built to produce a “phantom” center. This would ad complexity and probably have an adverse effect on sound quality.

Sonos could of course make a center to be used with an Amp that also has a connection for a center. Lots of brands already do this, so Sonos would lose a USP (wireless connection) to cater for those they already cater for with the phantom center provided by the Amp.

Sonos could surprise us though.

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Hi @Wolf2443 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!

we should have the option to setup our speaker configuration however we like, I to would like to use my Beam 2 as a centre channel only, along with my play one's as the front left and right channels, make this a option, the more options we have the better.

If other people disagree with this setup that's fine, at least you would have the option not to use this configuration, something I don't currently have.