Beam + AppleTV 4K + Netflix - Lip-sync & Volume spike issues

Having a few issues getting my new Beam to play nice with Apple TV 4k... Initially I had a long lip-sync / delayed audio issue when my Apple TV audio output was set to 'Apple TV', by default. I switched audio output to my Beam (exclusively), which resolved the audio delay issue, but now I'm getting very odd spikes in volume in-between episodes on Netflix (via Apple TV), where the audio output seems to be resetting / reverting back to default 'Apple TV', instead of to the Beam. This is an issue because I'm back to my initial lip-sync issue, but most annoyingly the volume spikes up really load - which my wife & sleeping baby are not finding amusing!

My Setup:
Mi Tv 4C 50" 4K HDR
Apple TV 4K (plugged into regular HDMI 2)
Sonos Beam (Plugged into ARC HDMI)

Any advice on how to resolve this, would be much appreciated!

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Hi there, Andyc98. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. If you are still having trouble with this, I would recommend giving our support technicians a call to have a closer look at what is happening. These volume spikes are not expected and should be addressed. Thanks!


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