Beam + Apple TV 4K: Lowest possible volume is too loud

  • 29 November 2018
  • 2 replies

Hi there,

This is my setup: I have a Sonos Beam (with two Sonos 1's as back speakers). The Beam is connected via HDMI to the ARC channel of my LG TV (OLED55B7VAEN). I only use my Apple TV4K to watch TV and movies and also use the Apple TV remote to control the volume when watching TV. I have a Sonos Bridge (and several other Sonos speakers) for connection.

I'm quite happy with the setup, connection stability and the audio performance during movies and such. But I have a small issue with the lowest possible volume. It's really loud. Way to loud for having something on while others in the house are sleeping. If I turn it all the way (mute) and then one tap up then it's really loud. I have tried setting the volume directly in the Sonos App, but it's still pretty loud.

I have tried the Night Sound setting, but it distorts many sounds and is not really to my liking.
I have tried playing things directly from the TV (not Apple TV) and the audio volume is the same.

Is there something wrong with my setup and have others experienced the same? If not, is there an option to lower the input volume in the Beam? I have looked around in the app, but I can't seem to find anything.

Thanks in advance,

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2 replies

I have the exact same setup and issue as you, so I don’t think you’re missing anything. I think the volume of Alexa through Sonos speakers - and the Beam especially - is just absurdly loud. And there’s no way to turn it down, because as you say even on the absolute lowest volume (where you can’t even hear the tv or music), Alexa’s voice is STILL too loud to use when others are sleeping nearby. Seems like an easy and obvious fix for someone, either Amazon or Sonos, but it’s been months and many others have detailed this exact problem with no movement. In the meantime I deactivated Alexa on the Beam and bought a new Echo Dot for $24, which I’ve synced with Sonos. Way better than dealing with the ridiculous volume of the Beam.
Same here.
If Beam volume when watching is considered normal (around 50% on beam), when switching to my apple tv 3 it’s waaaayy too loud and need to put my beam on 25% to have something audible.
And it seems impossible to set a general volume output on the apple tv 😞