Beam and Sub vs Playbar and Sub ... my Beam seems a bit boomy

  • 27 August 2018
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Hi all

Background: I already have a Playbar but have now bought a Beam for my front TV room to see if this suits my needs better. The room is approx 4m x 3m and we have a set up where the wall mounted TV hangs in the corner in an alcove and we have a Sub in the same room.

As we pull the TV forward in FRONT of the Playbar when watching ... some of the 45 degree angled speakers hit the back of the telly. So I thought I'd try the Beam as an alternative device - it's newer tech, smaller so side speakers have more room for separation before hitting the side window wall and thinking that the direct forward facing speakers might mean I get a better experience with the TV above pulled out in front.

So far so good - working well and impressed with the output generally. But while listening to music today via Spotify, I can't help but notice the Beam sounds quite boomy with bass. I find I'm having to reduce the bass on the Sub down to -3 notches OR turn off the loudness setting on the EQ to get a balanced sound - with clear mids and bass.

Anyone else finding that the Beam and Sub combo is overly bassy and having to adjust in a similar fashion. I didn't find this an issue with the Playbar which seemed to handle the balance nicely.

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